Find out more about following Jesus

Maybe you’ve just come home from a UG event, a youth group or Christian Union and made a decision to follow Jesus….THAT’S AMAZING!!

Well, we believe becoming a Christian is the more important and amazing decision you can ever make. 

It is just the START of a journey of getting to know and following Jesus. The MOST important thing you can do now is get connected with some other Christians your age in your area. So head on over to our “Find a youth group” page if you haven’t already.  

We’ve listed some great videos and handy apps below that will help you on your journey as a Christian. 

What Next? Videos

Apps & Resources

Try Praying

Start reading the Bible

Find Christian friends

Tell Others

The itruth app has a some great videos on how we can get to know Jesus, follow him and share about him. Download the app for free, head over to home and start watching. 

The “Yes He Is” app has some amazing videos and articles that help you learn how to grow in confidence and share your faith.