Find A Youth Group

Finding a Christian group of friends to meet with is one of THE MOST important things you can do as a Christian. If you don’t currently attend a Christian Union at school/college or a Christian youth group then why not look for one near you and check it out.


If the Soulbox band came to your school and you want to find out more about Christianity and who Jesus is then come along to one of the groups in your school below:

Pilton College- Tuesday Lunchtime G5 – Come and find out more about Christianity, with games and donuts.

Ilfracombe Academy – “Smores and More” – Tuesday 5th Lunchtime  PCRE2 – A question and answer sessions to find out more about the Christian faith. “Christianity Explored” course will start the week after.

Click on the pointer to find details of each group in North Devon.

If you still want help finding a group then please contact us directly.